Water Filtration

Fresh, clean, refreshing water when you need it.

Tap into an endless source of healthy, refreshing water.  Quench Natural Spring Water's range of water filtration solutions enable you to have a filtration system installed that connects directly to your own tap line. 

All our filtration systems offer an unlimited supply of filtered water. Enjoy clean, refreshing, filtered water whenever you want it. There are a number of options available from point of use water coolers to under bench systems. There is sure to be an option to suit your water needs, space requirements and budget.

Quench Natural Spring Water filtration systems can be rented on an annual or monthly basis. They include free delivery, installation and full service and regular maintenance.

Point of Use Water Coolers

filtered watercoolers for clean clear waterIf you use a high volume of water or have limited storage space, then a plumbed water cooler is the perfect solution for you!

Our standard point of use water coolers offer a range of benefits to your workplace:

  • twin filters
  • benchtop and freestanding models
  • free installations
  • unlimited supply of filtered water
  • hygienic
  • removes chemicals & toxins
  • great tasting water
  • no ongoing delivery required
  • high volume use
  • quality after service

Platinum Point of Use Water Cooler

platinum water coolers

NEW in Australia and EXCLUSIVE to Quench, these modern state-of-the-art coolers come in a range of colours and use cutting edge technology to purify standard tap water.

Extra hygienic benefits include:

  • UV purification
  • pure-touch dispenser
  • sealed water compartment
  • concealed taps
  • benchtop and freestanding models
  • free annual service
  • quality after service

Underbench unit

With a filter installed out of sight under the sink, options include filtered water at room temperature or chilled water.

  • space saving and out of sight
  • installation in kitchen cupboard
  • cold and room temperature filtered water
  • perfect for high volume use
  • removes toxins and chemicals
  • great clean tasting water
  • no ongoing delivery required
  • unlimited supply of filtered water
  • hygienic
  • quality after service

Drinking Water Fountains /Bubblers

Ideal for high traffic areas in domestic, commercial and industrial use, such as schools, gyms and hospitals.

  • easy use
  • great tasting water
  • great for high volume use
  • perfect for customer use
  • perfect for use in gyms, schools, hospitals and other applications
  • great in homes, offices, factories
  • hygienic
  • quality after service