Platinum Cooler Deal

Save upto 25% on Platinum Coolers for a limited time.

Quench Platinum Point of Use Water Coolers are new in Australia and are available exclusively from Quench Natural Spring Water. Our Platinum Coolers are state-of-the-art and come in an exciting range of colours to brighten any workplace or home.

The Platinum Cooler uses cutting edge technology to purify standard tap water, offering an unlimited supply of filtered, clean, fresh water whenever you need it.

The benefits of the Platinum Cooler include:

  • UV purification
  • pure-touch dispenser
  • sealed water compartment
  • concealed taps
  • benchtop and freestanding models
  • free annual service

The Platinum Cooler is perfect for the workplace, home, gym, retail stores, offices, warehouses, clinics and just about anywhere fresh, clean drinking water is needed. They provide hot, cold and room temperature water.

Find out more about this great special offer now and be water ready for summer.